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Traditional Repayment Plans

If you have a private loan, contact Navient and your other loan servicers to find out what options are available.

If you have a federal loan, review your repayment plan options here, which may include income-driven plans. Note that as your situation changes, you may be able to change your repayment plan as well.

Do you have multiple loans? Explore Direct Loan Consolidation

Having trouble? Learn about plans based on your income

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These three plans are generally available to all students and parents with:

  • Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans
  • Federal Stafford Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans
  • Direct PLUS and FFELP PLUS Loans for Parents and Graduate Students

Standard Repayment Plan

Standard plans last for up to 10 years and come with the following features:

  • Fixed monthly payment amounts with a minimum amount of $50 per month
  • Monthly payment amounts are based on your total loan amount—the more you owe, the higher your monthly payment will be
  • You'll pay less interest for your loan over time under this plan than under other plans

Extended Repayment Plan

Extended plans are available for most students with more than $30,000 in Direct Loan or FFELP loan debt. Under this plan, you have 25 years to pay your loans and choose from either fixed or graduated payments.

  • Fixed repayment plan offers the same monthly payment amount for the life of the loan
  • Graduated payments slowly increase with time

Graduated Repayment Plan

Graduated plans account for an increase in income during your post-college career.

  • Payments usually start lower and increase every two years
  • Repayment term is generally up to 10 years and may be longer for Consolidation Loans