Delinquency Communications

Navient is here to help your borrowers successfully stay on track with their student loan repayments.

For those who are having trouble, we reach out to them early and effectively. Our innovative strategies and consistent approach have resulted in fewer defaults than any other federal loan servicer.

Your CollegeServ® Team

Navient has experienced, knowledgeable customer service agents ready to answer student loan questions about servicing, payment options, and much more:

  • Three-way calls with you and the borrower
  • Default prevention assistance
  • Specialized support for borrowers who are active-duty service members

Contact CollegeServ at 888-272-4665, Monday – Friday, 8 am – 8 pm ET, or email us at

Delinquency and Default Process

1–120 Days Past Due: Early Stage Delinquency

  • Email payment reminders
  • Deliver video messaging emails describing repayment options
  • Advise of impact to credit using credit score messaging
  • Implement credit score modeling and risk segmentation strategies
  • Deliver outreach seven days a week to help customers resolve delinquency

121–270 Days Past Due: Mid-Stage Delinquency

  • Apply unique USPS mailing strategies
  • Deliver targeted emails with unique messaging
  • Send automated text messaging
  • Partner with schools to generate email campaigns
  • Offer web chat support

271–330 Days Past Due: Late Stage Delinquency

  • Contact using manual and automated text messaging
  • Assign individual account placement to seasoned specialists
  • Use unique auto dialer messaging
  • Complete thorough manual skip trace review

331–360 Days Past Due: Critical Stage

  • Apply unique direct mail strategies
  • Assign accounts to the top performing specialists
  • Deliver weekly text messages