Financial Education

Navient is committed to our partnership with you and the goals of our loan customers: effective repayment of their loans and financial success.

Sometimes more education about managing money is needed to make this happen, especially for people just starting out.


This interactive series helps your borrowers understand their federal loan repayment options and successfully manage their overall financial situation.

Navient Path to Success

Keeping students on the right financial path

Path to Success FAQs for schools

Path to Success newsletter article for students

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Financial Literacy Basics

Here are some helpful documents you can print out and provide to your borrowers who may need them:

10 Things To Do Before You Make Your 1st Loan Payment

Student Loan and Financial Planning Checklist

Set Your Financial Goals

Make A Budget

Money Saving Tips

More Online Tools and Content

All borrowers should become familiar with the type of loan they have, and the best way to do that is to:

Log in to the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS)

When it’s time for repayment, or to change repayment plans, borrowers should use the:

FSA Repayment Estimator on

We also encourage you to send borrowers to the Loan Customers section of this website where they’ll find valuable educational materials about managing their loans effectively, including:

Types of Student Loans

What to Consider Before Repayment

5 Habits of Successful Borrowers

Traditional Repayment Plans

Plans Based on Your Income

Income-Driven Repayment Annual Renewal

Direct Loan Consolidation

Protect Yourself from Fraud

How Payments Work

How Student Loan Interest Works

If You’re Having Trouble

Deferment and Forbearance

Avoiding Default

For Military Personnel

Documents & Forms